If you were to name one of the supposed superiorities of quantum computing over classical computing, what might immediately come to mind is the somewhat ambiguous phrase that quantum computers can do things much faster than regular computers.

While this is definitely true, the same phrase could be applied to…

Simon’s Algorithm was the first demonstration of a quantum computer being able to solve a problem exponentially faster than a classical computer.

It aims to solve the following problem. Let’s say you have a black box function (an unknown function which you can’t “see” into) which looks like

This basically…

Plant based meat. What may instantly come to mind at these words are things like blocks of tofu and tempeh, canned chickpeas and dried green lentils — the staples of the many vegan kitchens that just don’t seem to capture everything that meat actually is.

Because, well, plant based meat…

Avery Parkinson

Activator at The Knowledge Society | A Sandwich or Two Founder

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